Message from director

We are here to make you lawyers. Law is not only a noble but a lucrative profession. As a popular saying says there are two kinds of lawyers: those who know the law and those who know the judge. Knowing the judge is important for a successful career in law; but knowing the law is more important. We at PAULS help you to start your legal studies – whether in a university or a college for the purpose of acquiring a professional qualification. Graduation in law is the first step for you to start your career as a practicing lawyer or a non-practising lawyer, or as a judicial officer. Remember, even the Chief Justice of India was once a law student like you.

Even apart from a career in law, including that of law teacher, a law degree opens many vistas in many other walks of life. Knowledge of law increases one’s understanding of public affairs. Its study promotes accuracy of expression, facility in argument and skill in interpreting the written word, as well as some understanding of social values. In my career as a journalist, my understanding of law had tremendously helped me.

The system of competitive examination is a sad necessity. This is because demand for admission to a law college is increasing every year. It is in this context that we offer our services. An experienced and dedicated faculty is here to help you through the meandering exercise of passing through an entrance examination. I most cordially invite you to come and join us. 

- Dr Sebastian Paul